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Catching up with Buzz Lagos

2009 January 11
by Brian Quarstad

Buzz Lagos

There is not a name more synonymous with soccer in Minnesota than Buzz Lagos. Since his retirement as head coach of the Thunder in 2005, Buzz has kept a rather low profile unless you have coached against one of the many teams he has trained and managed while working as a math teacher at Higher Ground Academy, a charter school in St. Paul. Buzz shares with Inside Minnesota Soccer what he’s been up to the last four years.



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Buzz Lagos with Higher Ground Academy team


2 Responses
  1. January 11, 2009

    Look out for the player on the front left. He could be the next Abedi Pele.

  2. January 12, 2009

    Great interview.

    I’m hoping that we’ll begin to see some more of the African influence on soccer in Minnesota. Not to put too gross a generalization, but the speed of the game is at some times amazing. I really enjoyed watching the African Cup of Nations tournament, and look forward to the trip to South Africa in 2010.

    Peace and futbol to all.

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