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2016 Olympics go to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

2009 October 3
by Brian Quarstad

Chicago citizens gathering in downtown were shocked when the city's bid was the first of the four eliminated

The IOC announced on Friday that the 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Brazil seemed to be a global favorite for hosting the games even though hosting the games in the South American city will present more obstacles than any other of the four final cities that were in the running.

Surprising many people, Chicago was the first city to be eliminated from the final four, even though US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle traveled to Denmark and spoke for his adopted city’s attempt to lure the 2016 games. Nonetheless, with Chicago being eliminated, it also brought to a close the chances of Minnesota and TCF Stadium hosting a world class soccer game.


It was a different story in Rio de Janeiro on Friday

In August, the Twin Cities were eliminated from the venues that could host a World Cup game should the US receive the nod to host the 2018 or 2022 games.

Minnesota’s TCF stadium was one of six sites listed as potential sites to host Olympic soccer games if Chicago was to receive the bid. With the proximity of the Twin Cities to Chicago and with the state-of-the-art TCF Bank Stadium, there was reason for optimism that the Twin Cities could be seeing world class soccer in 2016.  But with yesterday’s decision to hold the games in Brazil, the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area will need to start looking for other ways to host world class soccer.

IMS is scheduled to meet with University of Minnesota Athletic Director Joel Maturi to discuss his vision for soccer at TCF stadium. Hopefully I will be able to bring that interview to you next week.

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