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Video Interview with Tony Sanneh

2010 February 2
by Brian Quarstad

IMS caught up with Tony Sanneh, St. Paul native and MLS and US National Team veteran.

Tony talks to us about the 2002 World Cup which he shares was the highlight of his career. He also explains the special relationship he had on the field with Brian McBride because of their understanding from playing together as tandem forwards with the Milwaukee Rampage.

Tony gives us his thoughts on the US National Team as they approach this summer’s World Cup.

We also talk to Tony about what he’s been up to this offseason including his work in the Virgin Islands with youth. Tony’s also been busy working on getting his coaching credentials. Does this mean a new career for Tony in the future?

The former Galaxy player also talks about his little known injury that kept him from playing to his potential in for LA in the last half of the season and we ask the big question: Does the “Big Cat” still have the wheels? Tony says, go ahead and challenge him!

Part I

Part II

6 Responses
  1. Super Rookie permalink
    February 2, 2010


  2. originalBigE permalink
    February 2, 2010

    Tony was our best player during Korea/Japan, which was in 2002. If only his header would have found the net in the last minute versus Germany, US Soccer might have realized even greater heights. Oh yeah, one more thing. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HUGH DALLAS!

  3. Jeff Wolter permalink
    February 2, 2010


  4. Jeff Wolter permalink
    February 2, 2010

    How could he help the new NSC team….

    Played on the best US MNT ever.
    Started playing as a forward, switched to a defender.
    Helped train LA Galaxy’s new young defenders taking them to the MLS Cup game this year.
    Grew up playing in Minnesota.
    Just took his USSF B (Pro) coaching licenses.

    Nope, nothing there to help our new team… 🙂

  5. Neal aka Lightning Striker permalink
    February 3, 2010

    BQ: you’ve taken the IMS interview to a whole new standard … not only with the quality questions and subject, but the video from WA Frost is magnificent. Thanks to both you and “The Big Cat”.

    Peace and futbol.

  6. fotbalist permalink
    February 3, 2010

    Wouldn’t be great if decided to get on the pitch for the new MN team?!? Even if it was for only one year, he could do wonders in guiding players. But as Jeff Wolter pointed out he’s got a fairly advanced coaching license….so….anyway I’m just trying to hitch him to our new team in any way possible. I followed his game from the Rampage until now. He’s absolutely great. He’s always been a thinker of the game, for which reason he’s still playing great football in his late 30’s. Way to go Tony. Thanks BQ.

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