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Kentaro Takada Travels Back to Japan for Visa

2010 April 28
by Brian Quarstad

Kentaro Takada

New Stars signing Kentaro Takada has flown back to Japan to clear up a visa issue. The Stars announced the signing of the Japanese midfielder  yesterday in a press release.

Takada twittered on Tuesday that he was on his way back to his home in Japan to get his visa. The midfielder who spent last year in Minnesota playing for the Rochester Thunder PDL team evidently had a temporary visa to tryout in the US but needed to return to his home to acquire a permanent visa, according to Alex Haueter of the NSC. His current visa was scheduled to expire on May 23rd.

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  1. Kurt Naumann permalink
    April 28, 2010

    It’s great to see another player from the Rochester Thunder have success. Neil Cassidy and Chris Belcher did a great job of preparing the boys for the next level. I hope Kentaro can work out his Visa issue and start contributing to the Stars. He was exciting to watch last season in combination with Teal Bunbury.

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