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F.C. New York Will Finally Play a Pro Soccer Game

2010 November 17
by Brian Quarstad

On April Fool’s day, 2009, the United Soccer Leagues announced FC New York as the next new USL-1 (Division II) team for 2010.  That may have been a bad day to make an announcement and it may have seemed more like an April Fools joke as the team never really got up and running. After conducting tryouts in the winter of 09/10 the team decided they weren’t really ready to join 2nd division soccer in 2010.

IMS talked to FC New York owner Doug Petersen last summer and he said his organization was still moving forward, adding staff and had revised their start date to 2011.

Today, the United Soccer Leagues announced FC New York as the 14th team that will play in USL Pro (3rd Division) for 2011. Doug Petersen and Senior Vice President Jo-Ellen Treiber will serve as the club’s senior executives and principal owners.

Tryouts dates were already posted on the teams website several weeks ago. FC  New York will play it’s home games at The Soccer Stadium on the campus of Hofstra University.

Former Manchester United Academy and Ipswich Town player Matt Weston will serve as the club’s director of football. Weston is establishing the pro squad as well as overseeing F.C. New York’s academy system.

It had been a while since the USL had a pro level team in New York. The Long Island Rough Riders were the last team and they dropped down to PDL in 2002.

USL is expected to announce 2 more teams bringing the total team in USL Pro to 16 for 2010.

The USL will start their Annual General Meeting this Thursday which will run through the weekend.

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  1. November 17, 2010

    That has to be the ugliest/most amateur looking crest I’ve seen in quite some time…

  2. November 17, 2010


  3. mikey permalink
    November 17, 2010

    Hope they improve their web presence. and Brian, while your writing is spot on I’m not so sure about your math. currently USL Pro sits at 13 teams with the FCNY announcements. two more teams would only bring the total 15. did you mean three more teams?

  4. Soccer Boy permalink
    November 17, 2010

    M, I agree and was thinking the same thing. This weekend I am going to give my 5 and 4-year old a box of crayons and some blank paper and see if they can help FC New York out. I sure hope they play better soccer than their logo.

  5. thesuperrookie permalink
    November 18, 2010



  6. November 18, 2010

    That is incorrect. They have announced 14 and as the press release states there will be 16 teams in the league. That leaves two more to announce.

  7. mikey permalink
    November 18, 2010

    My bad! I guess its my math that needs help! what the hell? I should have known better than to question you! Carry on with the great work!

  8. mikey permalink
    November 18, 2010

    Okay when was Puerto Rico United added? that is is what got me! Ive been following this for some time and I knew FCNY made it 13. guess they snuck PRU in there without an announcement or did I miss that too?

  9. Sean permalink
    November 18, 2010

    Mikey, don’t feel bad, I was going to ask the same thing.
    I can’t find any annoucement for PRU entering the league.

  10. ERic permalink
    November 18, 2010

    Not too surprised that there’s some confusion. At this moment, the link that Brian himself posted in his comment for the list of USL teams only has 13 on it, and PRU isn’t one of them.

  11. November 18, 2010

    Well now! That’s pretty interesting. Yes they were listed last night and this morning. I emailed a person from the USL this morning asking for clarification but as of yet have not received an answer. But, as you point out Puerto Rico United is now removed. If you go to their wiki site you will see it states: “The team has been proposed as a 2011 expansion franchise for the newly formed USL Pro league, in the Caribbean division.”

  12. Garrett permalink
    November 18, 2010

    Anyone want to start placing bets on the final two teams? I got:

    Any existing PDL team: 6-5
    Indios de Mayaguez FC 3-1
    Ft. Lauderdale (consisting of players from the Haitian national team) 5-1
    Joe Public 10-1
    Bermuda Hogges at 15-1
    Burnley 20-1
    My local pub team: 30-1

    So I’m actually serious about a few of those. The ridiculous ones is just my jab at how ridiculous USL Pro is.

  13. mikey permalink
    November 18, 2010

    Ill vouch for seeing it too. I think the webmaster got ahead of themselves!

    expect announcement soon I would say.

  14. thesuperrookie permalink
    November 18, 2010


    What about Four Loko FC?

    Or, is that the pub team? I get easily confused, as you know.

  15. scrangerfan permalink
    November 18, 2010

    Why is USLPRO ridiculous? They will be by far better off than NASL with their bid containing broke or phantom teams. I always love to see the D3 reference in parentheses like we don’t know, or the level of play is any lower that that of the NASL. In fact the third division worked over some of the D2 teams in the Open Cup, and several of the D3 players took important positions on D2 teams after their season ended. Many are looking at USLPRO or D3 as a lower level of play when it is actually the same or better. I would a few of the USLPRO teams up against any of the NASL teams.

  16. whb permalink
    November 18, 2010

    FC Clip Art!
    I absolutely love that crest.

  17. WeatherManNX01 permalink
    November 18, 2010

    The logo isn’t bad. It just needs a touchup to make it less clip-arty.

    Add my name to the list to those who saw (and were shocked to find) Puerto Rico United. Soon as I read this, I went to check, because last I heard there were 12 teams. Lo and behold, there are fourteen teams but only one announcement. In fact, up ’til last week, I didn’t know of any of the Puerto Rico teams. They seem to have magically appeared (and now one magically disappears).

  18. Garrett permalink
    November 18, 2010


    The pub team drinks 4 loko prior to playing. they will sell more tickets cause it will be hilarious to see. more in the business of entertaining than quality on the pitch (something your boy Mancini could take a lesson from).

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