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RailHawks Starting from Scratch on Player Contracts; Actively Signing Players

2011 February 5
by Brian Quarstad

In a phone conversation on Friday, Curt Johnson, president of the Carolina RailHawks, clarified that the new organization running the team is starting from scratch with player contracts. The contracts from the old organization, Triangle Professional Sports, L.L.C, were voided with the dissolution of that corporation. Johnson said his organization has been and are continuing to move forward with signings. He stated that even though he didn’t know the exact numbers, there were only a few players that were still under contract with the old organization.

Johnson was asked if some former players whom they are signing have had concerns over the future of the NASL. He explained that his new organization was a in a unique situation. “Not only were players curious about the future of the league but they also wondered about the future of the RailHawks,” said Johnson. He explained that he and coach Martin Rennie have needed to “talk them through the issues” and answer questions before signing. He said his organization is actively signing players.

Johnson was also asked if any contingency language was in the contracts that would void them if the league did not get sanctioning or approval at the D2 level. He stated there was no contingency language that he was aware of that would be different than standard contracts usually presented to players.

The Carolina RailHawks president also took a moment to express how pleased he was to keep the RailHawks name. “Right from the beginning with this new group and our staff, getting that name was really a priority for us. The Wellmans invested millions of dollars in that name not to mention the efforts of players and staff. The brand “RailHawks” is something that is viewed very positively in the Triangle area. We’re very happy to retain the name.”

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  1. drebin permalink
    February 5, 2011

    I suppose any rumor of NASL proceeding with their season unsanctioned can be thrown out since these players feel that much reassured to play somewhere in 2011 even if they sign on, assuming Johnson and Rennie are aware of what the league intends to do if there’s no approval.

    That leaves a handful of choices. Either go back to USL (I see very few clubs, if any, taking this route), go dark for the year, or fold altogether. All of which should ensure their current contracts would be nullified, if I’m not mistaken. Heh, food for thought.

    Only a week left before we hear what USSF has got to say.

  2. Bart permalink
    February 5, 2011

    It very well could be that USSF has already spoken. It would be quite unusual for a denial vote to come forth in one board meeting, only to have it overturned less than 30 days later.

  3. thesuperrookie permalink
    February 5, 2011

    It also very could well mean that none of us have any clue as to what will happen.

  4. Leroy permalink
    February 5, 2011

    It could also mean that some of us know exactly what will happen. It is just a matter of going with the flow, sensing the flow, being one with the flow.

    Of course, if you are not a Jedi Knight, then you are part of the other category!

  5. thesuperrookie permalink
    February 5, 2011

    Leroy, can you help me take care of some problems?!?!

  6. drebin permalink
    February 5, 2011


    You can just as easily characterize anything USSF does as unusual. Who knows, maybe Gulati and company are in kahoots with the Sith.

  7. Bart permalink
    February 5, 2011

    Ok, here is a thought. Maybe Davidson is Luke Skywalker’s father….

  8. Dave permalink
    February 5, 2011

    You have to feel for the players. I honestly wouldn’t sign anything until I knew the future of the NASL. I only have to wait over a week to know. Why commit yourself to the Titanic? Especially since it sounds like the contacts can’t be voided.

    Speaking of which, say the NASL folds or goes dark for a year, wouldn’t those players who signed be free anyway?

    I know Tony Donatelli left a good situation with the Impact due to his concerns over the NASL. Those uncapped spots 19-30 on MLS rosters are looking a lot better now.

  9. yankiboy permalink
    February 5, 2011

    I wouldn’t sign anything with an NASL club that didn’t give me an “out” until I knew for a fact that the league was going to be sanctioned.

  10. February 5, 2011

    A few things:

    I am extremely happy with what is going on with Carolina right now. If I had a tail it would be wagging.

    Bart made a funny and a pop culture reference. I even cracked a smile for it.

    I feel like the need to worry about sanctioning doesn’t bother me at the moment, maybe because I elated about the latest news coming from the pitches and torches surrounding the huddled CSA “old guard.”

  11. Dan permalink
    February 6, 2011

    May be the NASL has a spy on the inside, my question is it Blaster or Soundwave. lol

  12. yankiboy permalink
    February 7, 2011

    A couple hours after I posted my above comment, by complete chance, in a psortsbar watching college basketball–my daughter and I ran into a player who was previously under contract with an NASL affiliated club that is not Carolina (the guy had also played for two USL affiliated clubs).

    When we chatted, he said that some of the guys that he had talked to earlier in the week were a bit nervous about signing with an NASL club unless they had some sort of “escpae” cluase if they didn’t get sanctioned.

    He was actually considering taking less money and possibly signing with a USL club before exploring a European move he has been working on as soon as the signing/trasnfer window where he wants to go allowed him to do so.

    He’s just one guy but he seems to reflect some concern amongst some of the players in regards to signing a contract with a team that might well be playing in a non-sanctioned league.

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