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NSC Minesota Stars Release Preseason Schedule

2011 March 8
by Brian Quarstad

The Minnesota Stars released their preseason schedule today. The team will start with two-a-day training sessions at the National Sports Center starting Monday, March 14.

The Stars conducted their player combine last week and a few players were invited back to train with the team. Coach Manny Lagos told IMS last week that there were also other players that did not make the combine that are being invited to trial with the team.

A core of last year’s roster will be returning to the team. Those players are: Ely Allen, Kyle Altman, Simone Bracalello, Chris Clements, Devin Del Do, Kevin Friedland, Geison Moura, Lucas Rodriguez, Kentaro Takada and Daniel Wasson. Several of those players are playing on indoor teams and are not expected until the end of the MISL season.

Several other signing announcements are expected in the near future. But Lagos still has more than a dozen spots to fill.

The Stars will play two games the weekend after the first week of training, against two U-18 US Development Academy teams. Shattuck-St. Mary’s will test the Stars in Faribault, Minn., on March 19 and the U-18 team from the Minnesota Thunder Academy will play them on March 20 at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Lagos said he’ll cycle through as many as 30 players in these games as he looks to evaluate everyone still in camp.

Minnesota will again train at the NSC the following week followed by a match against the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the National Sports Center. Colin Monasterio, a  junior from Maple Grove, Minn. and Paul Yonga, a freshman from Brooklyn Park, Minn. are both members of the Badgers squad.

The team’s preseason will finish up with an April 2 friendly against the Chicago Fire in Chicago.

“I feel like this a good way for us to build,” Lagos said. “We have tremendous respect for what our top academy teams have accomplished, and we’re playing them at a time when we’ll have a lot of trialists and be working on our conditioning. Wisconsin is becoming a power again under the stewardship of John Trask, and a Major League Soccer team is a fantastic way to close our preseason schedule.”

Kickoff times for the Stars’ preseason matches will be announced at a future date.

The Stars season starts away in Atlanta, Georgia on April 9 when they take on the Silverbacks.

Stars season tickets are on sale for the 2011 North American Soccer League season. Season tickets start at $135 for adult general admission or $75 for youth age 17 or younger. Season tickets are also available in reserved and pitch-side seats. Single-game tickets will be available beginning March 15. To order tickets, call (763) 792-7355.

4 Responses
  1. uhclem permalink
    March 9, 2011

    [Disclaimer in effect. The one I use on occasion at the soccer boards. Critiquing the posts, not the whole person…using hyperbole…sure that everyone involved is a credit to the human race…etc.]

    Wow! The silence here is deafening!

    Where’s PollyAnna, telling us what a mistake it is for the Stars to be scheduling SSM for the preseason. I guess that the team’s damaged prestige as a pro team was repaired by making the play-offs last year.

    MIAC fan, I’d stack up last season’s last third or so of Stars soccer to any Minnesota Cup games for quality of play and excitement. (I’m excluding factors such as youthful exuberance and the like that accompanies kids performing. I’ve seen some pretty enjoyable high school productions of “Camelot”. But it ain’t Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet and Roddy Mc Dowell at the Majestic. It ain’t even Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria in “Spamalot” at the Shubert.) It certainly didn’t suck, as Coach55 predicted it probably would.

    And that crappy SSM team we faced wasn’t so bad after all, judging by the fact that 7 members of that team signed various letters of intent or commitment to play college soccer for NCAA division 1 schools on day one of eligibility last month. Did you know that, Polly?

    Did you, or you, Zlatan, or you, Pat Robson, take note that the SSM organization you slagged off was accepted as a member of the United States Soccer Development Acadamy about a month or so after you denigrated them? Did you know that the team you dismissed as not nearly the equal of previous squads that featured the likes of Teal Bunbury went on to become the the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Champions and were a 0-1 loss from being US Youth Soccer National Champions?

    I guess so, since we’re not hearing squat from you now.

    Oh, yeah, and Pat Robson, did you ever come up with any evidence that the coaching staff of either organization (you never were specific as to that) sacrificed the quality of either of their teams to angle for future jobs? It seems totally counter-intuative that a coach would think he could enhance his future job prospects by his team underperforming. But that’s the “reasoning” you laid out. As far as I can tell, both organizations did fairly well on the pitch and everybody still has their current job. Looks like that theory got flushed down the commode like the giant, odiferous turd it was. You ought to be ashamed for having even suggested it.

    I wonder what varieties of barnacle will attach themselves to the Stars and the various media covering them this year.

  2. Jacob permalink
    March 9, 2011

    OK, I’ll bite. The apathy barnacle? Basically three teams in three years. Is everyone just burned out? Do they care anymore? That had gotten to be a problem with the Thunder. With no marketing last year and a name change it didn’t help. Now we have an ownership change — sort of. It’s the same characters one way or another, isn’t it?

    Who owns the team? Who comes to games to make sure the FO is doing what they are supposed to? Is the budget for the team as good as Carolina’s or Ft. Lauderdales?

    You tell me, what’s different this year to get people to come to matches? What’s changed to fire people up? How will they know there is a team and why should they care?

    I think these are legitimate questions the team management needs to answer before they get it right and before they can get peoples attention.

  3. Zlatan permalink
    March 9, 2011

    First post I read in 4 weeks…I didn’t know I was so popular. Did Lagos actually say “Madison is becoming a power again under coach Trask..” What? They were a terrible side in his first season and will struggle again this fall campaign. SSM was only accepted into the academy because teams wouldn’t travel to Minnesota for 1 game. From what I hear they are decent this year, but the polish of the Bunbury era is long gone. This is the same team that couldn’t make the final at U17 for last years MN state cup. On a bright spot I am pleased the Stars will get a second run this year, but I don’t believe their payroll will allow them to do as well as last year. I will be back in MN in June and plan to make a game to two. Cheers.

  4. March 10, 2011

    Zlatan, their payroll is better than last year. Manny has a bit more freedom this year but he does seem to be waiting a long time to get the rest of his team together. While some teams have been training for nearly a month and had exhibitions against MLS teams and good D1 college programs we still only have 11 players signed (that I know of) and won’t officially start training until next Monday. Even Montreal played their academy team but then flew to Arizona to play MLS teams. Right now it seems Atlanta is the only team to be sort of in the same spot we are except we already have a good core of players coming back. But remember, we finished 7th last year and have lost are captain and principle center-back. We need are going to need to improve in quality if we are to make the playoffs with only 8 teams. This will be a challenge.

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