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NASL Podcast Episode #39; Cosmos Join the NASL, Weather Policy in the NASL and Lots of Transfer and Contract News

2012 July 24
by Brian Quarstad

Welcome to episode #39 of the IMSoccer News North American Soccer League Podcast.

This week Gerry Wittmann , Jay (Yankiboy) Long, and yours truly, Brian Quarstad, have a lively discussion about the most recent activities in the NASL.

You can find all past episodes of the North American Soccer League Podcast here and the RSS Feed here.

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Links to articles referenced in the podcast: 

Weather delay articles: Neil Morris Indy Week article, J. Mike Blake News and Observer article.

Associated Press story on Bin Hammam published on Yahoo Sports concerning World Sports Group and World Sports Football.



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  1. Soccer Boy a/k/a International Lover permalink
    July 24, 2012

    Re: Colin Clarke: Can IMS please give me a heads up next time Coach Clarke’s name is going to be mentioned. FACT: The guy is more of a complainer than I am. I would recommend that Coach Clarke sit down with his coaching staff, go over the entire NASL rulebook, mark all the rules they DO NOT LIKE, and go to the NASL Annual General Meeting at get those rules changed. In my opinion, Coach Clarke complains when he loses and when he wins.

    Re: NY Cosmos: Yeah, I am a little wet behind the ears and really have no recollection of the original Cosmos. However, I have done some extensive research regarding the Cosmos of the 1970s and the franchise was nothing before Pele arrived. In the end, the “Pele Experiment” failed with the folding of the league.

    Go ahead NASL and dump the Stars. However, do not complain when your league folds or cannot receive USSF sanctioning because you do not have enough teams, or fail to meet the “American team” requirement. (Yeah, maybe they should view things from a FIFA confederation point of view and decide the Islanders are not an “American team.”)

    PS: Yankiboy, I will defend you from any heat you take. Your comments were right on!

  2. WSW permalink
    July 24, 2012

    Yep looks like the Cosmos will be the team to hate.

  3. Strikers Return permalink
    July 25, 2012

    I still can’t imagine the USSF is going to be ok with the NASL only having 8 teams for 2013 when the standards say they must be up to 10. I could see them getting a waiver, IF, the Stars are still in, and they can point to Ottawa as being their 10th team coming in the following year. Ottawa technically could have played in a temp stadium for 2013, but chose to wait for 2014 for their stadium to be ready, so NASL could easily plead their case for a waiver on that one. The only way I can see the Stars not coming back next year is if there is at least one team from a lower division that upon conclusion of their current season, announces they are moving up to the NASL. Otherwise I don’t think they can risk it. Not only will they be two short on teams, they’ll be in even worse shape with the whole stupid 75% American rule, especially in 2014.

    I hear what you guys were saying about maybe the only bump due to the Cosmos brand joining the league next year, would be for their initial visit into each opposing team’s stadium. But I say, that’s more than worth it. Look, we’re always talking about and trying to figure out how to get more people out to games. If the Cosmos are the initial impetus to get someone to go out to a game, you can’t ask for more than that. That’s big. Once fans are in your stadium, it’s the responsibility of each club to give them a product that they’re interested enough to come back for. How can you ask for more? You get new fans to take a look, then it’s up to you to convince them to come back. We need any advantage or hook that brings people to the stadiums. No one should kid themselves, the Cosmos won’t be in the NASL for probably more than three years tops – only as long as it takes to get that Corona Park stadium built, then they’ll be off to MLS, and rightfully so I think. The biggest name in pro soccer history in this country should be at the top level. In the meantime, the NASL has a great opportunity to get more coverage for its league, and pique the interest of potential new fans.

  4. Soccer Boy permalink
    July 26, 2012

    I saw recently on the San Diego Flash Facebook page that there was some talk of them moving to NASL next year. I am also interested to hear more about recent reports of NASL talking to MLS about incorporating the reserve teams into the league. I guess if that would happen sanctioning would be guaranteed with or without the Stars.

  5. July 26, 2012

    Flash have been talking NASL for quite some time and Downs has made that public for sometime as well. Nothing new there and they still need a major investor or more than one before anything happens there.

    Downs also said the meeting in NY with MLS was one of their routine meetings they have been having with them. But I am hearing from an unrelated source that the NASL turned down some offer that MLS made.

    I am also hearing that USL was in talks with MLS as well. I don’t think much has changed with this. MLS want’s something for not much money spent and the NASL who are struggling to find financially stable owners and the USL who don’t have the same sort of financial standards for owners, aren’t going to fund MLS to join their leagues. It has to be more mutual and at least for NASL, they don’t want to become a development league only. I very much doubt that USL does either.

  6. Bart permalink
    July 26, 2012

    Here is what happened:

    The Borg (“MLS”) told NASL… “Resistance is futile, we will assimilate you…”

    NASL replied… “Oh No, Our current Master, Traffic needs to recoup some $25,000,000 in cash losses it has sustained before we can be a slave to another Master…”

    The Borg replied, …”….You taste like garbage anyway, trying to steal our thunder with your fancy team names…. we will find another slave more suited to our commands….”

  7. July 26, 2012

    Given that USSF granted a waiver to WPS – which was a struggling league that had never proven it had its act together – they’d be hard pressed to deny the NASL a waiver from the 10-teams-in-2013 requirement when the NASL can point to ( a ) two stable seasons, ( b ) successful teams and ( c ) expansion teams in the pipeline, not for “sometime in the future,” but for 2013 in one case and 2014 in another (with other potential ones).

  8. yankiboy permalink
    July 27, 2012

    @the ILL: Thanks a lot for having my back.

    I’ll be more that happy to forward some of the very salty “Your’e crazy–you have no idea what you’re talking about–you IDIOT!!! You obviously know NOTHING about subject x, y or z!!!” emails to you to respond to on my behalf…


  9. Strikers Return permalink
    July 27, 2012

    @BQ – Any more detail you can give us about the kind of deals MLS was discussing with the two lower leagues? Did it have to do with fielding reserve teams in the leagues?

  10. John permalink
    July 27, 2012

    no reserve league in NASL and USL

    MLS has enough teams to create a reserve league of its own

    NASL AND USL can also have its ow reserve league and incorporate it with MLS RL instead

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