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David Beckham Says New York Cosmos Rumor “Not True”

2012 November 30

David Beckham says Cosmos rumor is “not true” but bigger questions lie in wait for the NASL expansion team.

While speaking to the press on Thursday in advance of the MLS Cup Championship which plays out at Home Depot Center on Saturday afternoon, David Beckham finally addressed last weekend’s report in the Irish Sunday World that the NASL’s Cosmos could be in his future. The paper reported that a high level Cosmos official had said that Beckham was considering the offer and would make a decision by Christmas.

“I’ve been hearing the Cosmos thing for the last two-three years,” Beckham said. “This is not true. My manager has definitely not had conversations with them, that’s definitely not true.”

Beckham went on to say, “I’ve got some interesting and exciting options on the table. I am very flattered by some of the options that I’ve got. I still feel I can play and I’m not considering retiring.”

It seems the Cosmos currently have more pressing issues to deal with than David Beckham. That is, how to get a team on the field this coming year now that they have Erik Stover in place as COO and Giovanni Savarese as coach.

The big question that everyone seems to have for the NASL and the Cosmos, is if they will actually be ready to play in the first half of the new Apertura and Clausura type season that the NASL will experimentally roll out in 2013. Rumors persist that the Cosmos will not be ready to play the first half [Apertura] season.

I asked new NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson that exact question at his press conference last Tuesday afternoon. While Peterson did not skirt the issue he didn’t answer it either. He explained that he will be traveling to New York in the first week of December to visit with the Cosmos and will be doing some fact finding himself.

“I don’t really want to address that,” said Peterson. “I think that’s really a team issue and if there is an issue – and I’m not saying there is – I think after I go up there and get a better feel for where they are in their plans and what their plans actually are, they will be in a better position to address that.”

The Cosmos supporters group, the Borough Boys, will be hosting a Q & A with the Cosmos front office on Saturday, December 1st at Jack Demsey’s in Manhattan at 3:30 PM with the MLS Cup final immediately following. I have been told that same question will be asked at that Q & A.

In 2010, the NSC Minnesota Stars were able to assemble a team that took the field in the spring for the USSF D2 Pro League despite not deciding to field a team until mid December of 2009. And both the Carolina RailHawks and the Atlanta Silverbacks were able to assemble teams from scratch in 2011 within several months after the NASL was provisionally approved by the USSF  in mid February of that year.

Savarese was recently on the First Touch podcast and he does talk about his task of building the Cosmos’ first squad in 29 years.

4 Responses
  1. Dave permalink
    November 30, 2012

    I’ll repeat. This is why you don’t pay attention to tabloids in Ireland or any nonsense about the Cosmos. Either the paper lied about the Cosmos(thinking they were the Pele Cosmos) or the Cosmos are scam artists and lied to the paper for pub. One or the other.

    Meanwhile, they might not even play the first half. I don’t trust they will even play the second half. Something is fishy about this whole thing. If they had any real money backing them, they would have waited for MLS and never bothered with the minors.

  2. Dave permalink
    November 30, 2012

    I forgot to add that Seamus O’Brien is Irish and the fact that an anonymous Cosmos official was quote in Ireland’s most read newspaper is interesting. I am leaning toward the Cosmos making this whole thing up so they could shamelessly attach their name to Beckham.

    Shades of the previous ownership that was more interested in headlines than a team.

  3. evan permalink
    November 30, 2012

    or, if Beckham sez it’s not true maybe that means negotiations are in their final stages…

  4. GaelForce permalink
    November 30, 2012

    I’ve stated elsewhere that you shouldn’t assume what we know about American soccer here in Ireland. Do you really think that someone in the sports section of Ireland’s biggest Sunday Paper thinks that the Pele Cosmos still exist? You might be surprised to learn that Keane’s antics in MLS make our main evening news now and again. The Cosmos have made the Irish press yet again. How many NASL teams can boast that? Someone may have lied, it may be just a publicity stunt but people overseas talking about NASL is good for the league? The Cosmos are getting headlines like no other team can.

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