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2014 FIFA World Cup Host City Posters

2012 November 26
by Brian Quarstad

On Sunday, November 25, the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be held in Brazil, presented their official posters. The 12 host cities each held events to launch each official poster.

Hover over the “Notes” of each poster for more information about the city and the poster.

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One Response
  1. uhclem permalink
    November 27, 2012

    Normally, I’m pretty mellow about art. Even if it doesn’t “reach” me, I can usually figure out roughly what the artist is trying to communicate or the effect he is attempting to elicit. But this lot…

    1. Belo Horizonte: meh. Not horrible, I guess. I see part of a stadium in the upper right hand corner. I see birds. Leaves. A flower, mebbe. Oh, and a soccer ball, kinda. Almost missed that. What else? I see a lump. A blue lump. And another blue thingee next to the lump. Is it a monolith? Spike heel? Lemme check the notes… A church?! They got a lump and a thingee for a church? Looks like someone gave a seven year old girl some pre-cut tissue paper forms and told her to make her first collage. Not bad, I guess, for a first try. Well done, her.

    2. Brasilia: Better check the notes on this one right away. “The image shows the Cathedral…” The f***? Where?! What cathedral? The background image looks like the first lesson in drawing lines of perspective from a 1950’s Jon Gnagy “Learn to Draw” kit. “The colours of the player…reinforce the multiple ethnicities that make up Brazilian society and refer to the presence of the five continents…” Brazil’s got two shades of blue people?! They got green people, too, or is that supposed to be one of the continents? Which continent is the purple one? And most important of all: Brazilian players got fish for feet?! Are they short of boots there or is this some bizzare Brazilian mutation?!

    3. Cuiaba: He’s gonna kick The BIRD! LOOK OUT FOR THE BIIIRD!!!

    4. Curitiba: Brazilian Pine, my *ss. I know a soccer menorah when I see one. I’m telling you, the Jews are taking over FIFA! I read their plan in “The Protocols of the Gaffers of Zion”.

    5. Fortaleza : Aw, fer chrissake. Really? A big, thick, orange-hot shaft with a huge multicolored head on it, thrusting through the tight, encircling stadium overhang? You don’t have to be Michael Kimmelman or Larry Flynt to figure out the symbolism here, folks. (For anyone who hasn’t figured out the symbolism yet, pick up your monitor and, screen facing you, rotate it 90% left or right. You’ll get there, pilgrim.) What came in second place? Black block leters on a white background saying “In Brazil, Prostition is LEGAL! FIFA World Cup, 2014”?

    6. Manaus: This one came in third in Fortaleza.

    7. Natal: Where, apparently, beachballs in the stands originated. *sigh*

    8. Porto Alegre: I hope that’s not the condition of the pitch there. I can already hear the snapping of tendons and ligaments like over-tightened ukulele strings.

    9. Recife: I have no idea what Gene Kellydinho and his tribute to “Singing in the Rain” is supposed to be telling us other than the whole town is spiraling downward completely out of control. And could you loan him a few reals; he hasn’t eaten for weeks.

    10. Rio de Janeiro: The capital of severe head trauma caused by soccer balls shot into the back of the head.

    11. Interesting trivia – Salvador is currently in competition for world’s largest piece of sporting equipment with the city of St. Louis and their giant croquet hoop.

    12: Sao Paulo: Wait. There’s something familiar about…I’ve seen this before… Oh. My. God. “Independance Day”! IT’S GOT A DEATH RAY! RUN!! RUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

    Angling for the position of art critic on “Four Four Two”, I remain

    That little old jersey collector


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