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IMSoccer News, (Inside Minnesota Soccer), is a website originally created to unite the many and varied soccer fans in the state of Minnesota. Over the last 20 years, soccer in the state of Minnesota has grown phenomenally as the sport has nationwide. During that same time I’ve observed an oddity developing here in Minnesota regarding the sport. Often soccer fans divide into organizational cliques. It’s the hope of this writer to bring together the many and varied people who are involved with the game in Minnesota under this roof called IMSoccer News. Understanding that all these groups are important for the growth of the game in the state. IMS hopes to do this by creating a clearing house to share information and knowledge of the happenings in the State in regards to soccer. It’s my hope that through articles, interviews, opinions links and sharing from readers, we may all have a central gathering place to learn more about what’s happening in regards to the sport in MN. Hopefully this will be a place where you will be able to express your own opinion with others in a respectful way. It’s also a hope that it brings the national profile of soccer in Minnesota to a higher level. IMSoccer News was first published in late October of 2008. Since then IMS has also evolved into one the leading websites for information on minor league soccer in North America. IMS is a registered Google News Site. My goal is to continue to be a reliable source of news with investigative reporting on the business of division 2 and 3 pro soccer. But I can’t do this without your help. I am by no means an expert of all the facets of soccer here in Minnesota, or North America. I’m willing to do the work but I need your help. Please share with me your stories and news and the happening in the world of soccer. Feel free to send me an email with the information you have, a link to support it, or a contact that I can get in contact with to get the information needed to run a story. Hopefully this site will always be a work in progress, evolving and creating the content that you will continue to support. Lastly, a word of warning; Posts that feature youth players under 18 will often have the comments turned off. Youth players are not ready for nor do they deserve the criticism that some adults seem to want to heap on them. They are kids after all and should be treated with the respect that all kids deserve. Regards in soccer,

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