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    Harry Kettle
    500 posts

    English professional sports writer with an interest in pro wrestling, MMA, athletics & more. As well as working for Insidemnsoccer, Harry has formerly produced content for FOX Sports Asia & TheLADbible

    Brian Quarstad
    411 posts

    My name is Brian I have always had a love of soccer since I was 19 and had the fortune to both play and coach in the beautiful game. I live in Minnesota so my main interest lies in the MLS as well as some of the local leagues, though I no longer contribute to this site.. you can still find some of previous posts here

    Kaus Pandey
    54 posts

    Kaus is a freelance football writer, who prior to producing content for Insidemnsoccer, has written for Calciomercato, TheseFootballTimes, GetGermanFootball News and Manchester Evening News.

    Edward Hirdle
    26 posts

    Edward is a passionate sports fan and has written extensively about stories breaking in Canada. Whether reporting on hockey or American football, he will always give you the best highlights summarised.

    David Nugent
    5 posts

    David is a soccer fan and writer who has spent the last decade sharing his opinion and spreading news about the beautiful game across the internet. The lifelong Everton fan has written for numerous sports websites, plus an international soccer magazine where he covered the Premier League, the Bundesliga and various youth international tournaments.

    Landon Wheeler
    4 posts

    I have been writing sports news and blogs for the past 10 years, I enjoy watching a variety of sports with soccer being top of my list. I will providing breaking international soccer stories with the English Premier League my true passion.