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Etienne Barbara Frustrated with Montreal Impact and MLS Rules; Gets Called Back to Maltese National Team

2012 January 10
by Brian Quarstad

Etienne Barbara receives his two NASL awards from former coach Martin Rennie.

Playing for the Carolina RailHawks in 2011, Etienne Barbara had what many would consider a dream season. Playing in NASL’s 1st season he set records in the league while racking up 20 goals and 9 assists. He was named to the NASL Starting 11. He was also named the league’s Most Valuable Player and the Golden Boot winner. He broke records in Carolina, records he had set himself in 2010. So in Babara’s mind he was excited to have the opportunity to possibly move up the soccer chain and get a chance to play in MLS. However, not all has gone how Barbara had hoped and dreamed.

IMS spoke with the goal-scoring forward from Malta where he talked of his frustration with MLS rules as well as an offer the Montreal Impact have made him. Babara’s rights are owned by the Impact in a discovery claim. Under MLS rules that means Montreal owns Babara’s rights until the end of the 2012 season. Barbara speaks frankly of the contract he was offered by Montreal.

The Maltese international also talked to IMS about his return to his national team and gives his take on what happened to the Carolina RailHawks that caused the team to implode down the stretch after playing so well in the first two-thirds of the season.


IMS: The Montreal Impact confirmed to me in early December that they own your rights through a  “discovery claim” they made on you when you were still playing with Carolina last summer. When did you first find out that Montreal claimed the right to sign you?

Barbara: In November I was on holiday with my girlfriend after the season and Nick De Santis called me up and told me that the new coach (Jesse Marsch) was interested in me. They told me he wanted to see some of my highlights. But I felt they were wasting time because they were signing other players but they were in no rush to sign me because they already own my rights. They just weren’t getting back to me. It was frustrating. Beside, what do they have to see? I have played Montreal 10 games in 2 seasons. Four times each season and the playoffs. They know what sort of player I am. They know already if I can be of help to the team. Now we are in January and as far as I’m concerned we are just wasting time. Plus, I can’t talk to any other team because they own me.

The problem is in the rules. America has everything that any other country in any other sport should envy. You have facilities and everything in your favor and then you have rules like that. Montreal made me a bad offer.

Look, I’ve scored 20 goals and had 9 assists and I won the best player of the league. And for what? For nothing in America. Because I’m stuck with Montreal and they don’t want to pay good money. From what I understand, they are just holding my rights to try to get the best offer from somebody else. How can Montreal own my rights without even talking to me or paying me anything? If they don’t want me they should just release me but obviously they want money for me. But who gives the right for that club to own me? That happens only in America. To own me without even talking to me or paying any money to me?

IMS: Did your former coach, Martin Rennie explain how Discovery Rights work? Has he expressed any interest in signing you if Montreal doesn’t sign you?

Barbara: Yes, he did explain how the MLS rules work. I think he would like to sign me but I think Montreal wants the same amount for me as they are willing to pay me. It’s ridiculous. I’m frustrated and there’s nothing I can do about it.

IMS: Previously you told me your agent was from Scotland and wasn’t very familiar with MLS rules. Have you attained another agent from the U.S. or Canada who is familiar with the very different rules of MLS?

Barbara: The agreement with my agent from Scotland expired after my first season with Carolina. I don’t have an agent at this time but I have been talking to someone about representing me.

IMS: Your contract with Carolina was over after last season. Would you consider going back there or to another NASL team if you can’t work out a deal with Montreal, or would you prefer to stay in Europe?

Babara: I’ve played in Europe and played in the States. The level of quality is quite good in the NASL. In fact the level improved this past year over the year before.

If I don’t get an offer from MLS I would consider playing in the NASL if they considered housing as well as wages, like Carolina did. But I’m keeping the NASL as my last option. If I’m in Europe and I score 20 goals in a season, that usually means you get a better offer with a better team. Here I get offered the same or less. It’s crazy! I don’t know what else I could have done better last season. It’s so frustrating… (Barbara trails off and sighs) I just don’t know what to do about it?

What happened with me last year was special. It’s not something that happens every season for a player. I thought this would be my break point to something big in my career. But I’m still stuck like I was the previous season when I scored only 8 goals and some assists.

I would love to have my resume say “I played in MLS” or some other top league. But at the end of the day I’m 29 years old my friend and I’m looking for a good contract. I would go just about anywhere, as long as it’s a fair contract. I might look toward Asia because there is good money for playing there right now. As much as I want to be in the States it’s really not worth it. MLS would be a benefit to me for my resume only to say I have played in MLS. Apart from that and as things stand with Montreal, I’m benefiting from nothing.

IMS: I know Brad Rusin left the Carolina RailHawks about midseason last year to sign a contract in Europe. Everyone knew he was good but perhaps they underestimated what he meant to Carolina. Then your coach Martin Rennie announced he was leaving the RailHawks at the end of the season to move up to MLS and coach the Vancouver Whitecaps. In your opinion what happened to the RailHawks the last third of the season that they played so poorly after playing so very well early on?

Barbara: You just said it. We lost Brad who was such a strong player, an anchor in the defense. We never really replaced him. Then when Martin announced that he was going to Vancouver it was like most of the players got more egotistic and individual rather than playing for the team, something I don’t agree with. Because if we had stayed more compact and played as a team it would have ended up being better for all of us as individuals in the end. If we had all played together we would have had a chance to be noticed more by other teams. I just can’t understand it. We were so far ahead of everyone in the league and then we ended up only a couple of points ahead of Puerto Rico. That was just ridiculous.

We won the league but we lost the last 5 or 6 games. We tried to come back together as a team when we played Minnesota. We made the biggest effort I’d ever seen the RailHawks make when we played the Stars at home in the second leg of the playoffs. We got a bit unlucky in that game but that’s also part of the game. So you can’t take that away from Minnesota. They went on to win the championship against all odds. We let Minnesota in the Championship by allowing them to win in that last regular season game. What Minnesota had more than us was a great collective effort as a team. We allowed a stupid goal in the 90th minute in the first game. The we gave them two own-goals and we lost with the PKs. But it’s part of the game and you certainly can’t take anything away from Minnesota. They earned it.

IMS: In hindsight do you think Martin should have waited with his announcement until the end of the season?

Barbara: I don’t know about that? How can you keep something like that a secret? It would have been very hard even from Vancouver’s side of things. I think that’s why Martin wanted to tell us before it got out to the media which I think would have happened.

IMS: So what you are saying is it was up to the players on the RailHawks to remain professional about the way they handled the news and continue to make a concerted team effort?

Barbara: One-hundred percent correct! I don’t blame Martin for telling the players he was moving on. He could have left when he told us but he didn’t. It was his choice to stay with us until the end of the season. We just weren’t mature enough as players to keep playing collectively like we did before the news.


Since early December Barbara has been on an extended visit at his family home in Malta over the holiday season. He plans on returning to the the U.S. soon. However, Babara will have to travel back to Malta in February. The forward used to be a fixture with his national team but had a falling out with former coach John Buttigieg who has recently been fired along with assistant coach Carmel Busuttil. Buttigieg was let go after Malta finished bottom of their group for Euro 2012 qualifying.

Barbara, who has not made a national team appearance in over 3 years, said the federation called him up as soon as he arrived back in Malta and asked him to be part of the National Team again. Babara will join his team when they play Liechtenstein on February 29th in a friendly.

“I’m very excited to represent my country again and to wear the national team shirt,” said Barbara.

41 Responses
  1. January 10, 2012

    As an Impact fan, I find Etienne’s situation embarrassing. I really enjoyed waching him play last reason. He deserves a decent contract, whether in MLS or NASL. Hopefully, Rennie will make a decent offer, or Marsch will realise what he has on his hands.

  2. Reg permalink
    January 11, 2012

    This is sad. That guy is a beast of a player, and MTL is holding him back. Similar story to Ali Gerba’s. If you don’t want the guy, let him loose. Nick DeSantis is such an egotistical twat.

  3. Kejsare permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Top USSF-D2 goal scorer in 2010 Ryan Pore got $80,000 in 2011. Started maybe once in the first match and by the summer was loaned to Montreal. Barbara may be frustrated, but can he transition to MLS better than Ryan Pore? Seems like Montreal is unsure.

  4. thesuperrookie permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Judging by that interview I can’t possibly imagine why he had a falling out with the Maltese National Team coach.

  5. Bart permalink
    January 11, 2012

    I don’t know why this should be surprising. This is classic King Joey. You take a man, you control him, then you treat him like an indentured servant (wait, he is essentially an indentured servant), then you cut your costs further by reducing what he was paid in a lower league.

    On the other hand, he is an older player, and maybe has 1 to 3 seasons left with a top tier league, and Montreal is hedging their bets. After all, this is the French side of Canada, and French clubs overseas have a tendency to act like this as well.

  6. Fred permalink
    January 11, 2012

    IMFC is playing by the rules. Hate the game, not the player.

  7. January 11, 2012

    Barbara can play anywhere. I hope he gets a decent MLS contract. In any event, I’ll be following his career where ever he goes. If he doesn’t come back to NASL, it will be nice to be able to cheer for him, rather than against him. Good luck, Etienne!

  8. January 11, 2012

    This situation sucks, but it got worse when our village idiot Bart commented. I believe “king Joey” had the highest payroll for his players then ANY other lower division league. You need to learn to shut up.

  9. January 11, 2012

    Daniel, you know the rules here. Speak your mind and keep to the facts. No name calling and no telling anyone what they can and can’t say. In short, no personal attacks on those who make comments. The yellow card had been pulled out of my back pocket, sir.

  10. Gamblor permalink
    January 11, 2012

    The highest payroll in a lower division and a bottom two finish, that’s some great return.

  11. Bart permalink
    January 11, 2012

    @Daniel Blodgett

    It makes no matter that Montreal had a high payroll in D2, what matters is how they treat a player they are getting by an essential default under the rules, and at this point, according to the player, want to pay him LESS than what he was making in Carolina and this in the now top tier division MLS.

    Carolina also had a high payroll, which is one of the reasons they had some top talent over the last few years.

    The player feels he is being shafted. He has no room to allow other MLS teams to bid against his Montreal contract. Not a fun feeling, I would guess.

  12. Mickey permalink
    January 11, 2012

    After reading this article twice, I actually think Barbara is the bad guy here. Montreal contacts him and wants to see more. Even if you disregard that Marsch might not have seen him much (very possible), even if your Dad was the owner of the Impact, why not work with them and get them the videos they want?

    It sounds like to me Barbara only wants to play for Rennie or something stupid like LA Galaxy, just not Montreal. If thats the case he only has himself to blame.

    I have no sympathy for Barbara. But I wish him luck. To be honest, I think he is a fantastic player, I am actually upset that he is playing games with MLS and might not end up playing there, and we won’t see him any more in North America.

    Barbara, swallow your pride, just go to Montreal!!!

  13. smatthew permalink
    January 11, 2012

    I’m of the opinion that no one is really the bad guy here. Instead I see this as an honest frank example of how even after all these years there are still people in the soccer world who are shocked at just how different MLS works compared to club soccer in other parts of the world.

    Thanks to Barbara for being so open and honest and thanks to BQ for conducting the interview.

  14. Jeremy permalink
    January 11, 2012

    But why should he swallow his pride when he could make more $ in a lower league, or even get a european contract? I sympathize with the plight of a foreigner getting stuck between leagues in our backwards, asinine soccer pyramid. What is he supposed to do? Take a pay cut to warm the bench in Montreal? Or have interviews like this to let Whitecaps FC know he wants a shot over there…I think he sounds like an honest guy who may get left behind in the NASL due to the arbitrary rules and bizarre “promotion without relegation” going on this decade.

  15. January 11, 2012

    @Bart you backtracked. You implied it was something “king Joey” did often, only to reference this one time after I called you out. Also where is your yellow card for slandering GMs and owners who have done more for this sport yhen your relentless trolling could ever hope to accomplise for the USL? You are slimy like a rat in BQ’s back pocket. You can accuse and insult to your heart’s desire and he coddles you like a limp kitten. Your first comment was out of line, as in you lied. Like a liar. You implied “king Joey” pulls these stunts all the time, when A. This wasn’t his brainchild, it was the managers B. Montreal players have been treated very well, and have a history for it.

    @BQ put the yellow card back. I did nothing wrong and you freaking well know it. Lies and slander against ownership groups that spend (and lose) millions to give us the game we love is a straight red. I could imply that you are Bart’s chump, but that we be Bart like.

  16. losblooms permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Barbara deserves to receive any and all offers! The MLS rule book needs to be burned and rewritten!! How is it possible to own the rights to a player you have never spoken with? There is a lot of problems with the MLS, “promotion eithout relegation” being the most obvious. But, let stay on the subject at hand. If Montreal do own his rights, they should give him an offer or let him go. He is getting to a point in his career where he should be allowed to decide where he plays….Good luck, Etienne!

  17. Kenn permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Wait…you mean a player and a club differ as to their estimation of the player’s worth?


    Discovery claims expire after each season. Nothing is keeping Barbara from playing in the NASL or overseas. If he can get the contract he wants in the situation he wants, he should take it. If other clubs in other leagues agree he’s a high-quality player, someone will pay him, right?

  18. Bart permalink
    January 11, 2012

    @Daniel Blodgett

    I don’t believe I backtracked at all. King Joey does pull funky stunts all the time. My comments were more focused on what appears to be an inequitable set of rules where the owners have the upper hand.

    You really need to stop the immature and sophomoric statements, I always thought your intellect and insight was much more sophisticated than that. Of course, I am wrong about a lot of things, unfortunately!

  19. January 11, 2012

    No, I will just point out your second paragraph. You are the most insulting person on this blog. I can’t stand it, and so I say something about. It must be the way you say because BQ seems to squeal and clap his hands everytime you post.

  20. Bart permalink
    January 11, 2012

    @ Danielle Blodgett

    I am shocked that you feel that way. I have nothing but the upmost respect for you and your energies towards minor league soccer.

    If I have done something to offend you personally, my brother, let me make amends. If we differ on positions, then that should spark healthy debate.

  21. Soccer Boy permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Like I already told you IMS, this is a quality piece and sets you apart from other soccer magazines and blogs. I have not been a big Barbara fan over the last two years, but gained a ton of respect for the guy based on this piece. I guess I would like Montreal to answer a simple question: WHY? Quite frankly, Montreal needs to figure out what they are going to do so a player like this can get on the pitch and make his case for a spot in MLS. That’s what it is all about, right?

    I am by no means a MLS insiders, but it seems like Montreal is doing a great job at pissing people off–especially with this coming after their first pick in the expansion draft. Then again, what do you expect from an organization that fails to make the play-offs in the NASL and gets “relegated” to MLS. I question the organizations integrity. (Kudos to the MN Stars (again) for knocking the Impact out! I hope all you Impact fans enjoyed the frozen tundra of Quebec with no post-seasons soccer.)

    Ugh, I am going to put my Dr. Dre headphones back on and listen to some groovy tunes…


  22. January 11, 2012


    Thanks for pointing that out about the videos. Not sure that individual players have access to videos that may be owned by their former team.

    In any case, he seems to be worth a decent salary, or at least an average one with decent performance incentives.

    Am I wrong to assume that the “Discovery rule” only applies to his position vis-a-vis MLS? He should be able to find some interest within NASL (or whatever D2 will be called in 2012).

    In any case, it behooves him to get a new (North American) agent, as it sounds like he doesn’t know how to get teams knocking on Marsch’s (or Di Santis’) door.

  23. January 11, 2012

    @Bart, alright, but please don’t call me Danielle.

  24. January 11, 2012

    Hey Brian, do you have a gut feeling about this situation? As in fo you see montreal sitting on this and not doing anything, or could there be something in the works with Barbara in mind? I think this is a terrible rule, in the way it can be ecploited. I think it was meant to help the careers of lower division players, or at least that must have been the intention.

  25. Strikers Return permalink
    January 11, 2012

    Great interview BQ! Not only do we get insight about the opportunities (or lack thereof) for the NASL’s Golden Boot winner, but as some have alluded to, you get to see some of the petulant, whiny personality those of us who watched him in person saw at times. He struggled in the matches he played at Lockhart this year, and it was easy to see in the way he temper tantrummed out there. My take on this situation is, yes, the rule set up that allowed Montreal to “obtain” his rights does suck. No doubt about it. But I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors at all by bemoaning his position about it. But kudos again to BQ for spotting an opportunity to get his interviewee to show his true colors and entertain us!

    My remarks about his personality aside, the guy scores goals. That’s a valuable commodity in pro soccer. Montreal owns his rights for one more season. He needs to get a decent agent, have that agent hit the bricks and find the best possible offer he can for his client, and then Barbara needs to pack his bag and go play for 2012 on that best offer. He doesn’t lack for confidence, so use it like a lot of American pro athletes do – a contract year. Play your ass off and show everyone you deserve better. Don’t sit whining about what Montreal is offering. Play wherever you have to in 2012, then come 2013, worst case scenario is joining his old coach in Vancouver where he’ll get ample opportunities to sitck it to “King Joey” and the Impact.

  26. January 11, 2012

    NASL’s salary structure is insane. If he goes to MLS theres no way he gets, or deserves, anywhere near what Carolina is paying him. He’s 29 and he’s not an impact player at that level. Simple as that. Why would an mls team pay Barbara when they can get a younger, cheaper, and equally talented prospect out of college or the academy.

  27. Dave permalink
    January 12, 2012

    I think the most telling thing about this is scoring 20 goals in the NASL is meaningless. Not only to MLS, but to the rest of the world. The level isn’t respected. Barbara is proud of his accomplishments, but he has to realize it was a very low level which he seems to forget. The point is he didn’t did this in Europe. He did it in D2 in America. So even foreign clubs don’t want him. And MLS clubs aren’t knocking down Montreal’s door for a Malta international. Maybe the Whitecaps trade for him. But his skills aren’t in high demand in a a better and much faster league which he has to accept.

    @Jeremy and losblooms – MLS has some screwy rules. But it also is the only thing about our soccer pyramid that works. Unlike the broken cesspoll that is D2 and D3. MLS is the shining star of American soccer because it has structure and rules.

    Babara is free to sign anywhere in the world that his Scotish agent can find. Why can;t he get a trial somewhere? Even our lowly college players get trials. But there seems to be no interest.

    And really, you are both bringing up pro/rel? Are you serious? What does that nonsense have to do with anything? MLS will never pro/rel with NASL. And the NASL will never pro/rel with the USL. There are so many reasons why not that I could list them all day. It would be suicide. MLS is working. Nothing to fix. It’s D2 and D3 that need to get their acts together.

  28. enm007 permalink
    January 13, 2012


    I suspect if a 22-year-old NASL player netted 20 goals in a season, more than a few MLS clubs would be vying for his services. The issues here is 1) age; 2) salary demand; 3) personality; and 4) Montreal.

  29. January 14, 2012

    Facts : He’s 29, he has no agent. He had one season with 20 goals, but not much to talk about in all his past years before last season.
    Big deal!

    1- At 29, he had all the time needed to get a contract with the MLS without waiting for Montreal.

    2- He had an offer, fine, he has NO AGENT, did he try to negotiate something before whining to the press? He has no talent for that apparently. This strategy is burning him from Montreal, don’t expect to see that old fool in the MLS in 2012. @Brian Quarstad you missed the negotiation question. This is quite a subjective interview, and you prove it in your comments. Your integrity is lost, see below.

    3- @Brian Quarstad and @Bart, there’s no facts in any Bart’s comments.
    Bart doesn’t like King Joey, I don’t mind, but he insulted millions of people with this :
    “After all, this is the French side of Canada, and French clubs overseas have a tendency to act like this as well”
    Well, King Joey and DeSantis are multilingual Italians and Marsh is American. You missed your target completely and you’re insulting me.
    “If I have done something to offend you personally, my brother, let me make amends.”
    Go for it, Bart, be my guest. And be sure to explain to the world how stupid you are.

    4- @soccer boy
    “it seems like Montreal is doing a great job at pissing people off–especially with this coming after their first pick in the expansion draft”
    Montreal is looking for the best players available within the MLS rules. Houston’s bet was risky, but Houston gave the Ching’s high price argument, that was plain stupid.
    About 2011 season, Impact gave the opportunity for several new players to jump in the MLS, but it failed. It worked for Camara, Ubiparipovic and Bush, but that’s all.
    Thanks to be kind for Impact fans, but if you wanna talk about Impact’s “relegation” you should first fill your 12,000 seats stadium, because an avg attendance of 1,676 isn’t impressive at all.

    5- Montreal’s plan A is signing high profile players like Anelka. Who would dare to compare Barbara with Anelka or any D1 Euro player?
    How much would you bet on a D2 one year wonder player when you’re looking for a D1 DP?

    Barbara and Gerba are in plan B or even C or maybe Z, I don’t know.
    Their turn will come and they will play soccer somewhere next year.
    Stop whining Barbara and wash your shorts.

  30. jimcrist permalink
    January 14, 2012

    that picture just screams BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ken Jamieson permalink
    January 14, 2012

    Top players in D-2 do not automatically get offers from MLS clubs. Even when clubs make the jump from D-2 to MLS, often the players that were standouts in the lower division struggle to get first team minutes in MLS.
    In 2009, when Seattle jumped to MLS, many of their first team starters from 2008 were not even offered contracts, and this from a team that won USL-1 titles in 2007 and 2005. Even in European leagues when clubs earn promotion, many shed the very players that got them promoted in favour of players with top flight experience.
    Yes, Etienne lead the league in scoring with 20 goals in 2011, but in 2010 he recorded only 8 goals in 26 games. Etienne was part of a team that was virtually invincible in the first half of 2011, when he scored the bulk of his goals, but like the rest of the team wilted in the second half of the season and particularly down the stretch and in the playoffs (14 goals in his first 14 games, 6 in his final 14).
    He may very well have talent that can be exploited at the MLS level, however he is 29 years old and has yet to play a single game at a level similar to MLS, his European experience is mainly lower division and regional leagues. His only “1st” division experience is in the top flight of Malta, hardly the Premier League or even the Championship.
    I can understand the Impact’s apprehension about yeilding to Barbara’s demands, yes he had a good season in the NASL last year, however at 29 (30 in June) he is hardly a spring chicken and his upside is extremely limited. This is not a proven EPL player looking to finish his career in America, this is a career fringe player hoping for that long-awaited shot at the big time. I do not fault Montreal for being more concerned with their #1 draft pick than Etienne Barbara.
    Let’s keep the situation in perspective.

  32. treefire permalink
    January 15, 2012

    Either he has no offers from abroad, or he doesn’t want to go.

    From the interview it sounds like he knows he could stay in D2 and make ok money, but he’d like to be able to say he played in a top league (but not for a pay cut).

    To me, all this says is that Rennie wants to take him along, for a decent salary, but he’s being denied that possibility by the rules. I would certainly be frustrated in this situation.

  33. Bart permalink
    January 15, 2012


    The fact that the King is a multi-lingual whose heritage is Italian (which I am aware of) has nothing to do with the FACT that this is the French part of Canada. A region, I might add, that identifies with it’s mother country…. oh yeah, that being …..F R A N C E.

    So, millions of French Canadians are now insulted that I stated an obvious axiom, that the French Canadians emulate the French in France? What on earth are they insulted about? The fact that French Canadians identify and are proud of their mother country and emulate or have customs similar to those that live on the other side of the pond?

    I am sure that BQ would have loved that I insulted millions of French Canadians, as his readership on this blog would then have gone through the roof. The fact remains is that nothing I said insults the French or the French Canadians. I simply commented on a behavior pattern that exists as being part of the motherland.

    The French have far bigger things to worry about, namely a credit downgrade in the 5th biggest economy in the world while the EU is about to blow up.

    Nice try, but no cigar, Amigo.

  34. January 15, 2012

    You say something, get called on it, then tell us you didn’t say it, when we all read what you initially said. French Canadien Quebecois, are whiners, just like the French. You said that. First Quebec and France are not as closely linked as you claimed. French speaking Canada is a vital part of our Canadian heritage and culture. Your claims stereotypes were ignorant and blatantly racist. And when you backtrack you sound slimy and crooked.

  35. Bart permalink
    January 16, 2012

    @ Danielle Blodgett

    Please do not misquote me. I never said French Canadians are whiners and I further never said that the French are whiners. I said that within the professional soccer clubs, they have a tendencey to act the same towards player contracts. This is a far cry from stereotyping anyone, and is certainly not racist.

    The French Canadians should be proud of their obviously French heritage. But being in Edmonton, you certainly are a few hours removed from all this deep and enriching culture. Gold mining and the wilderness are the strong traits in your neck of the woods. Without trying to “stereotype”, I imagine your fly fishing is to die for.

  36. January 16, 2012

    Don’t call me Danielle.

  37. railhawksfan permalink
    January 17, 2012

    I have seen Barbara play at Carolina at every home game and many away games over the last two seasons. The guy is refreshingly frank and a tireless worker. His craft is far greater than Gerba’s. I have no idea what he is expecting in terms of salary etc but I am sure he can provide a viable option to teams that need a goal scorer. The Barbara/Campos 1-2 punch was the best I have seen for Carolina since 2006. It is a shame that Montreal is doing this nonsense with him. We at Carolina will welcome him back with open arms but I suspect he wants to play elsewhere.

    Now all sing to the tune of yellow submarine…
    We want a team of 11 Barbaras, 11 Barbaras
    Number 1 is Barbara and Number 2 is Barbara

  38. January 18, 2012

    “The fact that the King is a multi-lingual whose heritage is Italian (which I am aware of) has nothing to do with the FACT that this is the French part of Canada. A region, I might add, that identifies with it’s mother country…. oh yeah, that being …..F R A N C E.”
    The Italian boss isn’t changing his way to treat contracts because he’s in a french part of Canada, that’s ridiculous.

    You don’t have any facts, that’s bad logic. To test it, change “French part of Canada” to “English part of North America” and change “France” with “United Kingdom” then you get illogical behavior pattern crap.

    Fact: Quebec is not identifying to France. No needs to. You know nothing about here.
    Fact: You have a tendency to act like a racist. Red card for no-fact Bart.

    Another proof of your mindless bashing : Barbara was traded to Vancouver.
    So you’re all wrong.
    Now time to amend.
    Where’s my cigar?

  39. January 18, 2012


    “The fact remains is that nothing I said insults the French or the French Canadians.”
    Here’s the fact busted:
    “You take a man, you control him, then you treat him like an indentured servant (wait, he is essentially an indentured servant),… After all, this is the French side of Canada, and French clubs overseas have a tendency to act like this as well.”


  40. January 18, 2012


    “I simply commented on a behavior pattern that exists as being part of the motherland.”
    Alas for you, it doesn’t exists.

    Would you like a cup of tea?

  41. Mike permalink
    January 18, 2012

    I can’t believe they missed this quote:

    “I am sure that BQ would have loved that I insulted millions of French Canadians, as his readership on this blog would then have gone through the roof.”

    A direct admission, and he even insinuates that BQ shares his twisted viewpoints. How dare he!

    Let’s misinterpret some more of Bart’s sentences, this is fun!

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