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English professional sports writer with an interest in pro wrestling, MMA, athletics & more. As well as working for Insidemnsoccer, Harry has formerly produced content for FOX Sports Asia & TheLADbible


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LAFC Aim To Be The Next Atlanta United

The nature of Major League Soccer, and any top American sport for that matter, ensures that you never quite...
5 min read

David Beckham’s MLS Team Threatened With Name Change

It’s been well established by this point that expansion teams are just part of the furniture in Major League...
5 min read

Wayne Rooney Is MLS’ Multi-Tasking Man

When it was revealed that Wayne Rooney was heading over to Major League Soccer, the reactions were pretty ‘mixed’...
5 min read

Zlatan’s Outburst Proves His Mentality At LA Galaxy

When he came over to the United States to play in the MLS with LA Galaxy, everyone knew that...
5 min read

Kaku’s Red Card Shows Lack Of Discipline

Sometimes tempers can flare in the world of football, to the point where you just can’t quite control your...
5 min read

Former Nottingham Forest Youngster Living High Life In MLS

It’s never easy being a young footballer these days, contrary to what the allure of fame and fortune may...
5 min read

The Pressure of Atlanta United’s Title Defense

The beautiful game is just that: it’s a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, as is the case with every single sport...
5 min read