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USL Announces Executive Restructuring – Papadakis CEO, Holt President

2009 August 31
by Brian Quarstad

Papadakis assumes CEO role; Holt named USL President; Marcos to focus on international development

usl-soccer-fieldTAMPA, FL (Aug 31, 2009) – United Soccer Leagues announced Monday the restructuring of its executive management team following last week’s acquisition of USL by NuRock Soccer Holdings from Nike. NuRock’s Rob Hoskins will serve as Chairman with Alec Papadakis being named CEO. USL’s Tim Holt has been named President of the organization with founder Francisco Marcos transitioning to the position of President Emeritus and Senior Director of International Development.

Hoskins, the Chairman of NuRock Soccer Holdings, brings his valuable management and branding experience to the soccer industry.

Papadakis, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of NuRock Soccer Holdings, is a franchise attorney with domestic and international expansion experience. As a player in the North American Soccer League for the Atlanta Chiefs and the Boston Minutemen, Papadakis has had a long, storied soccer career in the United States at the collegiate and professional level, with numerous accolades.

Holt has served as the Executive Vice President and COO the past two years after previously being named Vice President in 2004. He joined USL as the Director of USL First Division Operations in April 1999 and added the responsibility of overseeing the operations of all USL senior leagues in November of 2002.

Marcos founded United Soccer Leagues in 1986 as a five-team indoor soccer league in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico and oversaw its growth to over 100 franchises in two professional men’s divisions, an elite men’s development league and a women’s league, as well as the creation of two youth development leagues.

As Senior Director of International Development, Marcos will expand his recent efforts in the area of international relationships and partnerships as his primary role with the organization, utilizing his European background and residency as well as his numerous relationships with soccer leaders around the world to aid USL in its objectives to foster meaningful relationships between USL, its clubs and players with foreign clubs and organizations.

“This is the proper time for a transition to occur,” said Marcos. “I have long believed that the integration of USL with the world beyond our North American borders is a critical part in expanding the profile of our organization as well as aiding our clubs in providing additional development opportunities. I will be focusing my energies to the fullest extent to that end.”

As the new Chief Executive Officer of USL, Papadakis will immediately take USL business on as his primary full-time focus, serving as the lead executive as well as an owner.

“I look forward to meeting each individual franchise owner to familiarize myself with the key issues they are facing and the opportunities that are available throughout our system of leagues,” said Papadakis. “There are some exciting plans that we have for the professional divisions that we are in the process of forging which will raise the level of success and the profile of the leagues on and off the field.”

The executive management restructuring has been a part of the new ownership’s swift movement to immediately begin the process of increasing the success of the organization, which began with meetings with the current USL staff at its headquarters in Tampa, FL, and will continue with developing and unveiling its plans for the future with all member clubs in the coming months as the Annual General Meeting approaches.

“I am grateful for the continued opportunity to serve USL and work with our franchises and clubs throughout North America,” said Holt. “It is exciting to have new ownership that is undertaking an active hands-on role with our staff as well as with our teams. The expertise they bring to the table for USL as a business and for our member clubs will no doubt raise the level of success across the board.”

NuRock Soccer Holdings LLC
NuRock Soccer Holdings LLC is part of the umbrella family of companies known as The NuRock Companies. The Principals of NuRock have a dedicated and deep understanding of the soccer industry. As part of its family of companies, NuRock is an existing USL franchisee, with a USL Premier Development League operation in Atlanta. Robert Hoskins is the Chairman of NuRock Soccer Holdings LLC and is the Founder and Managing Principal of The NuRock Companies. Alec Papadakis is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of NuRock Soccer Holdings.

United Soccer Leagues
United Soccer Leagues (“USL”), with headquarters in Tampa, FL, is the largest organization of elite-level soccer leagues in North America. USL is comprised of six leagues: USL First and Second Divisions (men’s professional soccer), Premier Development League (men’s under-23), W-League (women’s), Super-20 League (under-20, men’s and women’s amateur), and Super Y-League (boy’s and girl’s elite youth amateur). Dedicated to growing the sport of soccer at the grassroots level, USL has provided a platform for thousands of players to reach their dreams over the last three decades.

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