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My name is Brian Quarstad. I live in St. Paul Minnesota and I was drawn to the game as a 19 year old when the MN Kicks in the old North American Soccer League, (NASL), came to town. I played for many years and when I had children who reached playing age, started acquiring state and USSF certification and licenses. I coached for 18 years, from recreational soccer to club and high school. In 2006/2007, I started focusing on writing about the game which I loved. In recent years I’ve been using the connections I’ve made through my years of coaching to write about the game both here in MN for Blue Sky Soccer and for a Fulham Football Club blog called, Craven Cottage Newsround written by Rich Allen of West London. Rich and I were nominated for and made it onto the short list of the top football (soccer) blogs in Europe. Though we didn’t win, it was really quite an honor. For Blue Sky Soccer, I’ve not only done investigative stories and interviews concerning soccer, but have also started to do some audio interviews which I will be continuing to post on this site. In that short amount of time, I’ve had the opportunity to interview people like David Beckham, Samuel Eto’o, Manny Lagos, Martin Rennie, Owen Coyle amongst others. That’s the very short story. For the really long version click HERE.

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