Dean Johnson Disappears from RFC Liège in Belgium

Dean Johnson, former owner of the Minnesota Thunder and owner of RFC Liège in Belgium, has disappeared and not been heard from after a Belgium sports magazine uncovered the...
Brian Quarstad Brian Quarstad
15 min read

Dean Johnson Attempts to Invest in Soccer Teams Despite $1 Million in Debts

Uncle Sam or Saint Nicholas are not exactly names that former vendors and employees of Dean Johnson would use to describe the St. Paul, MN native who owned the...
Brian Quarstad Brian Quarstad
10 min read

Taylor Twellman Retires From Professional Soccer

Taylor Twellman, one of the greatest soccer players to participate in Major League Soccer, announced his retirement from the game at only 30 years of age citing ongoing issues...
Brian Quarstad Brian Quarstad
4 min read

Inter Milan – 2010 UEFA Champions

65 soccer supporters gathered at the Sweetwater Bar and Grille in St. Paul to watch Inter Milan defeat Bayern Munich 2-0 for the UEFA Champions League Final. FC Internazionale...
Brian Quarstad Brian Quarstad
3 min read

Sports Club Stats and Your Favorite Team / Fun With Statistics?

PART -1 Near the end of the 2008 regular season for the Minnesota Thunder, a fellow Dark Cloud supporter brought this website to my attention. It’s called Sports Club Stats run...
Brian Quarstad Brian Quarstad
12 min read

Fulham FC

As many of you know, I’ve been a supporter of Fulham Football Club for several years now. It didn’t happen overnight but was more of a process as I...
Brian Quarstad Brian Quarstad
8 min read